Corporate Culture

Corporate philosophy

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    Core Idea of Corporate Culture
    The core of Showland Spirit “Endless Big Love, Bundless Good Intension” is the inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development, shining humanistic glory, conscientious heritage of beneficence culture and lofty spiritual realm.
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    Corporate Mission
    Build the world by benevolence – add happiness to cities  
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    Corporate Vision
    To become an esteemed quality life provider
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    Enterprise Value System
    Goodness: selfless dedication is the soul of Showland Group (Xiulan spirit is the most precious wealth and the soul of the enterprise)
    Esteem: win customer satisfaction by high standard services (customer satisfaction is the only standard for detecting products)
    Harmony: Allow staff to share the beauty of enterprise growth
    Faith: Cooperate with fellow travelers for mutual benefits
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    Corporate Image Description
    Showland Quality Career Stage Happy Salary Smart Team
    Life Plan Wonderful Life Multiple Welfare Benevolence Culture
  • 06
    Showland Dream
    Social Respect Industrial Elite Happiness and Friendship Honor and Loyalty

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