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Showland Club is a non-porfit membership organization built in 2012 by Showland Group for optimization of its own products, service and quality management. Its aim is to strengthen communication with the public, listen to advises and requirenents from members and public , offer customers with satisfied high-quality domiciles, and pay back members and peblic’s care and support with sincere service.
        Showland Club (“Showland Club•Showing  Love”) was officially established on January 7,2012. It is always always active in public welfare and concerns children and elder people . With support from members and owners, it has held lots of activities :”One-to-one Love-giving Activity for Helping Others”,”I Have a Date with Showland-Photo Exhibition”,”Dream Realization for Peasant Workers’ Children on Children’s Day ”, “Revolutionary Route Visit for Celebrating the 91st anniversary of CPC”, “Revolutionary Movie Show in Communities” and “Revolutionary Song Competition”. In the future , Showland will shoulder responsibility , try best to advance forward and pay back the society with enthusiasm.
        Showland Club pays great attention to and concerns its members’life service. Now it has signed contracts with 194 high-end stores including house furnishing&decoration,cosmetology,boby care,entertainment,food,health care,life service,education,training, malls,supermarkets,etc..Members can use VIP cards in these shops with special discount ,For detailed preferential policy,members can visit Showland Club ‘s wed-site; Club will inherit and promote Showland’s spirit,work hard and offer members and owners with more convenient and quality life.
        As an important communication platform between Showland Group and customers ,Showland Club will provide its members with more and more humanized service by numer-ous member activities,preferential house-purchase price,present exchange with cumulative points,choice shopping discounts,all-around house purchase service ,club journals with intime information and varide interactive activities.
Activities of Xiulan Association in 2013-7-12
1. “Let Loving Heart Fly•Books Send Hope” Loving Heart Book Donation Activity: Advocate people with loving heart in all circles of the society to donate books to children in disaster area so as to enrich and expand the visual field of children in mountain area and add swings for pursuing dream to curious children!
2. New Urban Area “Guard Homeland•Bring Safety to You and Me” Theme Publicity Activity: Guide community residents to enhance community safety awareness, join in community safety construction consciously; improve the sense of security, sense of responsibility and sense of belonging of community residents, and forge warm, sweet and peaceful living environment with all efforts.
3. “Cool Early Summer•Be Close to Nature”---One-day Travel of Members of Xiulan Association to Donghugang, Beijing: Express thanks to the long-term support and trust of house owners, strengthen the communication and mutual understanding with house owners, and create healthy and upward enterprise culture atmosphere;
4. “Father's Love Is Like Mountain•Send the Most Sincere Love to Father”---Parent-child Fun Game: build a parent-child interaction platform for house owners and members of the Xiulan Association, promote communication between parents and children, create happy family atmosphere and forge “harmonious” community.
5. “Xiulan House Owner Large Decoration Material Group Buying Meeting” Activity: Meet the decoration demands of house owners, and allow house owners to enjoy high-quality products and complete after-sales services with the lowest price.

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