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Zhao Xiulan was an ordinary woman and an excellent communist.
The world is moved by Zhao Xiulan’s hard working spirit unselfish dedication but sorrowed for her sudden death.
        In 1938,Zhao Xiulan was born in a poor peasant family in Erqi Lidian Village of Baoding City. She became a little messenger of underground organization of Chinese Communist Party when she was 10, and joined in Chinese Communist Party when she was 16,She was honored as Model Worker many times during the Mass Production Period. After China’s reform and opening-up,she established a construction team made of over ten persons. Although having been an enterprise boss, Zhao Xiulan always kept plain living habit in dressing and eating. All she wore was worth less than 30 yuan.
        When passing by Shijing Primary School in 1995, Zhao Xiulan saw that children were sitting on folding stools and learning under a big tree with their books on knees and with a small blackboard hanged on the tree. She saw the scene in her eyes but felt pain in her heart. Constructing a high-level teaching building became her faith. What Zhao Xiulan concerned was the mass and the nation. But she was reluctant to spend one penny for herself and there were only several bedrolls and an empty bed in her home.
        Under the circumstances of lacking fund, her enterprise donated and constructed Shijing Primary School with liabilities of RMB 57000000.”To be wealthy, a family must pay more attention to the children. A family should not forget to educate children and a country should not forget to educate successors. I am a member of CPC, so constructing the school can be regarded as payment of my party membership dues.” Zhao Xiulan said excitedly in the completion ceremony of the teaching building.
        In the first winter after completing the teaching building, it became cold earlier than before and the first snow fell at the end of October. She was afraid of children’s suffering from freezing. so she had prepared a boiler on November 1 and intended to fix it on the next day for the teaching building that she donated and constructed by raising RMB 70000000. However, at that night, Zhao Xiulan, a boss of construction company for many years and constructing lots of high quality buildings, lost her precious life because of gas poisoning in her simple, shabby, low and small house without any heating equipment.

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