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Spirit is a kind of thought with strong cohesive and calling ability. On the land of North China, Showland Spirit is like a flag or a monument, and the spiritual food for building harmonious society.
Love the Party, Love the Country and Love Others
        “Love the Party, Love the Country” means the loyalty to the Party and the Country, and it si the essence and connotation of Showland Spirit. “Love Others” means the boundless love to the Pelple and it is the starting point and ultimate goal of all Zhao Xiulan’s deeds.
        Zhao Xiulan became a little messenger of underground organization of CPC when she was 10 and joined in Chinese Communist Party when she was 16, At the beginning of reform and opening-up, she did trade business and organized her own construction team. She determined to fulfill her pledges of keeping striving for the Party and for the Country with full passion.
        Love of Zhao Xiulan was given to the Party and warmed the people around her. She put off her cotton-padded jacket to strangers trembling in the cold wind. Xiulan took an elderly single in her village to her home and regarded the elder as her own parent. And she was generous to her staffs and concerned about their lives, such as buying bedding in winter and clothes in summer for them.
        Zhao Xiulan was such a peoson who was enthusiastic and generous to other and always concerning others. She tried her best to do practical things and persisted in doing good things.
Industrious, Frugal & Working hard
        Industriousness, frugality, hard struggling and plain living are traditional virtues of our nation. Working hard is not only noble spirit of hard struggling and plain living, pioneering and innovating, and daring to be the first, but also the integration of traditional virtues and spirit of the times.
        Zhao Xiulan had worked hard and kept frugal all her life, such as dressing and eating simply, riding an old bicycle, living in a small and low black house, using simple old furniture, all her apparel was worth less 30 yuan. She lived and ate together with the peasant workers on the construction sites. She also worked together with workers like carrying bricks, mixing cement, sieving sands and building walls. It is her spirit of industriousness and frugality that influences and moves other people.
        Zhao Xiulan did many kinds of works, including transporting rock ballast, driving the dray, doing transportation business, kilning, backing bricks, frying deep-fried twisted dough sticks, selling handmade noodles, opening toasted duck restaurant ,establishing trading company, starting kindergarten and constructing buildings, and set a good example. Completion as scheduled of Nankai Project expressed her strong spirit and perseverance, excellent technology and capacity to command, which won many praise. Thus, Zhao Xiulan’s construction team had come to the fore in the market.
Base on Honesty, Dare to Be the First
        “Treating others with honesty” was her pet phrase. She thought that “honest people would not suffer losses, so one must be honest, and suffering a loss is blessing”. In order to ensure the quality of projects, she insisted on increasing the grade of cement and amount of rebar, which would increase the constructing cost and loss economic interest. Zhao Xiulan won with honesty and good quality in the fiercely competitive construction market. She controlled the quality of projects strictly in the construction and did “the best project wherever”.
        Zhao Xiulan not only treated others with honesty but also a sense of pioneering. During the period of reform and opening-up, Zhao Xiulan was a pioneer in various industries and sectors, standing in the forefront of times, She had ever organized transportation business with small motorcades, started kindergarten opened toasted duck restaurant, established trading company, and formed her own constructing team. She undertook many projects successively in Tianjin, Baoding and other areas and became famous in the construction industry gradually.
Be Indifferent to Fame & Profit, Unselfish Dedication
        Unselfish dedication is the heart of Showland Spirit. Indifference means that someone regards everything truly, generously and objectively.
        All deeds of Zhao Xiulan were conscious and from her heart. What she often said was that “it is useless to own so much money, and after I die, I would pay all as the party membership dues”. She connected personal future with the Party’s cause. By her social responsibilities of mercy and serving the whole world, it was certain for her to didicate initiatively and positively.
        When Zhao Xiulan’s deeds of donating and constructing teaching building were spread in Shijing, country town and Baoding, journalists flooded in but couldn’t find her anywhere, and it’s because that she refused interviews and reporting. What’s more, she told other people not to reveal her tracks to the journalists. The people of her hometown prepared to build a monument for her constructing teaching building, but she refused the proposal.

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