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Showland Shangcheng

ShowlandShangcheng  LocatedinthecoresectionofurbanplanningcenterofBaoding,ShowlandShangcheng,coverstotalbuildingareaofover500thousandsquaremetersandhasabuild-ingdensityof18c-/o.Composingof23plate-type
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Showland Shangcheng
 Located in the core section of urban planning centerof Baoding, Showland Shangcheng, covers total buildingarea of over 500 thousand square meters and has a build-ing density of 18c-/o. Composing of 23 plate-type high-risebuildings, it is the largest residential community in Baod-ing, which can be named as landmark building groups inthe North of Baoding. The greening rate of 320-/o makesthe front and back of the building full of green. The housearea varies from 58 square meters t0 200 square meters.The humanized design like garden inside the house andlarge French bay windows meets the demands of differentcustomers .
      Adhering to the concept of。‘nature, ecology, healthyand harmony", Showland Real Estate adopts the construct-ing style of“platform and sloping land". Raising 2 metersin the center of the community, the design shows themulti-dimension and multi-level garden landscape and liv-ing style, changes the existing residential mode and createsthe first large-scale mountainous ecological community.
      In order to meet the customers' living needs infuture, Showland Shangcheng supplies mature and sup-porting facilities to make the future life more convenient,including kindergarten with 6 classes, food market, clubs,community medical services, senior activity center, youthactivity center, reclaimed water system, waste collectionstation and public washrooms.
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