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Showland Chengshi Meiju

ShowlandChengshiMeiju   LocatedinthecoreareaofthenorthofBaodingCity,ShowlandChengshiMeijuneighborstheCityPark(plannedtobe300mu)andadjoinsBotanicalGardentothenorth-east-thegreenlungofthecity.Itisthelar
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Showland Chengshi Meiju
    Located in the core area of the north of Baoding City, Showland Chengshi Meijuneighbors the City Park (planned to be 300 mu) and adjoins Botanical Garden to the north-east - the green lung of the city. It is the largest pure high-rise livable community in thenorthwest of Baoding City, with total building area of 550 thousand square meters and green-ing rate of over 300-/o. With simple design and bright color, it looks neat and magnanimous.Its landscape is designed with modern and traditional elements. The supporting facilitiesare complete, such as senior activity center, youth activity center, community recreationalactivity station and others. Currently, most of the buildings have been completed. After theconstruction, it will be the high-end living model in the core area of the north of city.
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