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Chengshi Meidi

ChengshiMeidi  LocatedinthesouthofurbanareaofBaodingCity,ChengshiMeidicoversatotalareaofnearly400,000squaremetersandhasagreeningrateofmorethan40cj/o.AroundtheprojectarethewesterncampusofAgriculturalUn
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Chengshi Meidi
  Located in the south of urban area of Baoding City, Chengshi Meidi covers a total areaof nearly 400,000 square meters and has a greening rate of more than 40cj/o. Around the projectare the western campus of Agricultural University of Hebei and the industrial park of GreatWall Motors. Adopting the most advanced house design concepts, Chengshi Meidi is harmoni-ous for human-nature relationship. The appearance of building is designed with modem andsimple style, and the plate-type high-rise buildings advocate ecology, education and harmony.Meanwhile, Showland Property Management Company will provide warm service for you.This project will be a large-scale high-quality living community in the south of this ancientCity.
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