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Northem Xincheng

NorthemXincheng DuringthedevelopmentcourseofShowlandGroup,ShowlandCityGardenandNorternXinchengaretherepresentativeprojectsoftheGroup.ShowlandCityGardenwasinitiatedin2000,andwasnamedasthe“keyprojectofe
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Northem Xincheng
During the development course of Showland Group, Showland City Garden and Nortern Xincheng are the representative projects of the Group.
Showland City Garden was initiated in 2000, and was named as the “key project of economically affordable housing” of Hebei province and “one of nine public welfare projects for people” of Baoding City in 2001.
Designed by Shanghai  Tongji University –an au-thoritative institution on building design in our country, Showland City Garden is located in the north of 519 Road of Baoding City. It covers an area of over 325 mu and ad-joins Botanical Garden, Baoding Fine Arts Middle School and many mature communities. The nvewly built Huanxin Beiyan Road ,519 Road after expansion and Qingnian Road in planning constitute a convenient traffic network for Showlang City Garden. The whole community is composed of 5 parts, containing 48buildings with three kinds or styles: flat floor, skip floor and plate-type small high rise building. Covering a total area of over 300 thousand square menters, itadots the design concept of harmonious co-existence between human and housing estate citywide, which creates the modern community environment of “ focusing on people and returning to natura”. The whole community is equipped with perfece facilities such as hypermarket, kindergarten, tecreational club , sports ground, swimming pool and underground garage, as well as professionalized property management team,It becomes an ideal residential place for the house owners in the new century.
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