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Xiulan • Xinjifu

Xiulan•Xinjifu Xiulan•XinjifuisstandingatsouthwestBaodingintheintersectionofLekaiSouthStreetandTianweiRoad,animportantcitynodeasLekaiSouthStreetrunsacrossthecityfromnorthtosouth,andTianweiRoadrunsacro
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Xiulan • Xinjifu
Xiulan • Xinjifu is standing at southwest Baoding in the intersection of Lekai South Street and Tianwei Road, an important city node as Lekai South Street runs across the city from north to south, and Tianwei Road runs across the city from east to west. With a part of houses distributed in an L shape, sunshine slab-type apartment buildings will have excellent lighting, two elevators for each unit, and houses from 46m2 to 94m2. Commercial project and residential buildings are enclosed independently, echoing the roundabout of Jiangcheng Road. The project was completed and handed over in 2009. The commercial project includes three floors on the ground with a total building area of about 4,000m2 and two-floor basements in which the first basement has an area of 6,300m2 and the second basement used for parking.
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