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Northem Xincheng

NorthemXincheng NorthemXincheng,consistingofZuanshiJiayuan,Jinguancheng,Sijicheng,ShowlandShangchengandXintiandiBusi-nessStreet,coversanereaofover1.5millionsquaremetersandwascompletedinOctober,2012.Co
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Northem Xincheng
Northem Xincheng,consisting of Zuanshi Jiayuan, Jinguancheng,Sijicheng, Showland Shangcheng and Xintiandi Busi-ness Street, covers an erea of over 1.5million square meters and was completed in October,2012.
Completed at the end of 2004, Sijicheng has a greening rate of 40% and adopts the design of integrating flat floor and skip floor and separating the whole community into four parts: spring,summer,autumn and winter ,which preset the different seasons of a year. The outside walls of the buildings are painted with different colors and matched with characterisitic green pants as ornaments.
Located in the central section of axle line of Baoding National High-tech Industry Development Zone, Sijicheng Busi-ness Street is a key and prosperous zone where core areas cluster including wealthy people area, emerging educational area and hot investment area. In the scope with radius of two kilometers , there are Xintiandi Business Street, there will be per-manent high-end consumers of 150 thousand permanent consumption populations and 50 thousand stable floating populations, which form the new core of urban business districts.
The project of Zuanshi Jiayuan, located in the east of Sijicheng and covering an area of 8.93 hectares,was completed at the end of 2007.Consisting of garden houses with elevators and and small high rise houses. Its main house type is skip floor gar-den house with areas from 180 square meters to 300 square meters. Greening garden, zigzag rivers and artistic can be seen everywhere, which realizes “walking with different scenes”.
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