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ShowlandJinguancheng  LocatedatthecrossingsofHengxiangNorthStreetandLongxingRoad(underconstruction),ShowlandJinguanchengisthefirstlargescalepurehigh-risecom-munity,whichShowlandGroupintroducestheconce
  Located at the crossings of Hengxiang North Streetand Longxing Road (under construction), ShowlandJinguancheng is the first large scale pure high-rise com-munity, which Showland Group introduces the concept ofhigh-rise housing into the famous historical city. The proj-ect covers a land area of 17 hectares and a total buildingarea of over 300 thousand square meters, and comprises16 high-rise buildings. In this project, the main house typeis quality small skip floor. The proper area from 92 t0 180square meters make it possible for ordinary people to feelthe skip floor housing. The life style of¨enjoying skipfloor, price of flat floor and property management fee ofvillas" was showed perfectly in Showland Jinguancheng.
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