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Showland . Shuixie Hancheng

Showland.ShuixieHancheng   Showland.ShuixieHanchengisafineworkinthiscentury,whichisapresenttoXingtaipeoplebyShowlandGroup.Taking19groupsofskyscraperswith19-26floorsasnewlifemodels,newChinesepaintingst
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Showland . Shuixie Hancheng
    Showland . Shuixie Hancheng is a fine work in thiscentury, which is a present to Xingtai people by ShowlandGroup. Taking 19 groups of skyscrapers with 19-26 floorsas new life models, new Chinese painting style garden asthe city's green center, 40-170 II12 dedicated clear-sightedflats with bright kitchen and bathroom as healthy house-hold idea, bilingual kindergarten as a good environmentto pass down Chinese ancient civilization, Showland .Shuixie Hancheng advocates not only the culture of housedesign, but also humanistic spirit and national essence. Byputting Chinese good tradition into modern civilization,it has given modern house design a deeper connotation.Showland . Shuixie Hancheng is managed by ShowlandProperty Management Company, which has second-levelqualification and has won¨Hebei Excellent Living Quarterof Property Management" and“National Model LivingQuarter of Property Management" for many times. Insist-ing on warm service, this company has combined qualitymanagement system and cultural management system tobuild high-quality cultural communities with all strength.
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