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Xiulan • Zuanshi Jiayuan

Xiulan•ZuanshiJiayuan Xiulan•ZuanshiJiayuanislocatedattheeastsideofXiulan·SeasonsCityinatotalareaof8.93ha,andabuildingareaof174,500m2.Thereare8-storeygardenhousewithelevatorsandtwo12-storeybuildingssc
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Xiulan • Zuanshi Jiayuan
Xiulan • Zuanshi Jiayuan is located at the east side of Xiulan · Seasons City in a total area of 8.93ha, and a building area of 174,500m2. There are 8-storey garden house with elevators and two 12-storey buildings scattered high and low and well-regulated.
Xiulan • Zuanshi Jiayuan has green gardens, winding waters, and small pieces of artistic work everywhere, as well as supporting facilities such as underground garage, leisure square, central garden, man-made river, and clubhouses, making it full of charm and supreme among new communities in the north.
It mainly has duplex garden houses about 180-300m2 with sunshine balcony, gives private garden for the first floor, and air garden for the top floor, and realizes perfect combination of indoor and outdoor space and harmony of human and nature.
Surrounding Facilities
Commerce: surrounding stores around Xiyuan Community, MEET ALL
Restaurants: Huashen Restaurant, Spicy Spirit, Gold Chopsticks, Good Taste, Laotuzao, etc.
Banks: ICBC, CCB, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings
Communications: China Mobile, China Unicom, Post Office
Traffic: Bus Line 9, Bus Line 31, Bus Line 37, Bus Line 301
Schools: Arts Middle School, Xiyuan Kindergarten, Xiulan Kindergarten
Recreations: Zhizu Club, KTV, Internet Bars
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